Our Story

I actually met Robin the day before the wedding, at the rehearsal. He was a groomsman and stood up with our friend Mia. The rehearsal went off without a hitch; no fainting, no falling, and true love were founded. We were introduced and made small talk about "the couple", but I was sure there was something more, I was hoping there might be something more.

The day of the wedding went by like a flash, but it was time to slow down and have fun, the reception was just getting started. We had some time to chat throughout the day, but we really got to know each other after the dinner. The next year was like a whirlwind while we made our long distance relationship bloom, who says it can't be done? When I moved to Atlanta for my work I was excited to see what this would mean for our relationship. We could see each other any time we wanted now, and we did, almost every day. I knew he was the one, and I knew he knew I was the one. haha. Our love grew deeper and I knew he was going to ask me.

Did you even read Jennifer's story? Seriously, how can I follow that? Honestly, though, Jennifer is unlike any person I have ever met. She's loving, kind, gentle, patient, and did I mention hot!? She's many more things, but those are the gifts I learned about her very quickly. Yes, I did make fun of her being from Canada that weekend we met, but who knew they didn't all live in igloos and have pet beavers?

Knowing and growing closer to Jennifer has been life changing. I'm not going to say 'wind beneath my wings' because that could be used against me for the rest of my life, but she has indeed made me a better person. I love her with all my heart and look forward to the day I call her my wife. Yes, I know, much shorter than hers, I'm an engineer, not a writer okay!